Add-on Members Map - free Add-On for whomever wants it

I added a Members Map to my forum. It functions perfectly and allows different pin colors depending on the user's selection from a custom field in their profile. (In our case, pins are color-coded by camper type). My members (all owners of small teardrop campers) love this feature. Those concerned about privacy can opt out, of course.

I'd love to release this as an add-on, however, I don't know the correct way to write add-ons for xenForo. I don't understand listeners and hooks. I did my mod by editing the templates (and probably working way too hard to make it do what I wanted). I'd like to give my code to whomever would tweak it and package it in a standard add-on format. I don't want anything, except for others to be able to have this feature.

If you are interested, PM me.


Click on a pin to view that member's info (from custom user fields).
Click on their name to go to their profile.

Profile view shows a mini-map with user's location (only for those users that opt-in):

Pin gets its data from custom user fields:

These custom fields control pin location and color.
My people are often out camping. They have the option of displaying a special pin showing their "current location" when on the road. This particular feature would only be beneficial to forums related to traveling.
Any pin style or color is possible - according to admin defined options.