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Just had this posted on my forum and a lot of members emailing me saying they are unable to log on.

I had this problem earlier today and I thought it was something on me, but as it turns out more people have this problem.

It looks like this: You can't answer any thread, you can't like posts, you can't do anything. If you are paying close attention, you may notice tiny button about email problem and see the message that forum had some problems sending emails to you and this somehow is a reason to block your forum account.

To solve it you must go to your contact details : /account/contact-details and change your email to a different one. Watch out for the password. Then, a confirmation email will be send to the new mailbox, you have to open it and click the link. This will get your account unblocked. The email doesn't need to be a really different one, it just has to look different. Some mail services offer aliases. On gmail there is this feature with ignoring dots (.). So you can just change the mail from you@gmail.com into y.ou@gmail.com because they are same adressess to gmail, but forum will be tricked. You can also use entirely different email, of course.

After you successfully change your email, receive new mail and click the activation link. This will get your account unblocked.

This is nothing you did wrong, it's forum going haywire.

Any tips on what setting might be causing the issue? I havent changed anything in a long long time.
Thanks @Brogan

I thought it might be something to do with that.

Ive unchecked - Enable variable bounced email address values and Enable automated bounced email handler

Is that enough to disable this feature?
Thanks @Brogan

Another issue im having is members saying

"Hi, I had to change my email to have access to the forum, I did all the steps, I follow the link and I came back to the forum and I got that message: Your email has been confirmed and your account is now fully active again.
But it's not active"

Ive checked their account status, and its showing as active, however they are unable to post, send PM's etc.

Any suggestions at all?


When you say "active", you mean the user status is "valid"? If you use the permission analyzer, what appears for their permissions (say, for starting a conversation)?
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