Membercard Weirdness with friendly URLs enabled


I'm running lighttpd and I've written some url-rewrite stuff for my xF install.

Everything works as expected except from one thing - the membercard popup. Instead of displaying it how it should, it shows the entire profile in a really ugly way.

After looking through the logs I can see it makes a request for some token generated JSON formatted data which I've looked into.

Firstly, with friendly URLs disabled, I read the file and it shows exactly the data required for the membercard popup:


If I retry the test and read the file but with friendly URLs enabled, that same JSON data shows my full profile - exactly as would be needed by viewing my profile page:



My question is, is there something special required in the url-rewrite to fix this? Maybe I am missing some sort of referral thing, I don't know. But it's the only thing that doesn't seem to be working correctly at all.


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We send through an extra GET parameter with that request (card=1). If you don't have it coming through, then you'll see that behavior. Though presumably you'd get an error or even weirder behavior if no get params were coming through.

Is the URL public?


I will send you a PM with some admin details so you can see the strangeness when you enable/disable the option - I hope that's ok.

I have a feeling it's just going to be something untoward with the url-rewrite though. I have also noticed the URL /nan gets requested - unsure what that is.