XF 1.2 member_view template meta description

Hi all,

I've only been using xenforo for about 6 weeks now and still feeling my way around, I'm not a coder and would like to ask a question about the member_view template meta description.

Is it possible to pull the first few lines from 'About You:' section, and if that section is blank revert back to the default?

I think this is the line in the member_view template?

<meta name="description" content="{xen:phrase x_is_a_y_at_z, 'name={$user.username}', 'title={xen:helper stripHtml, {xen:helper usertitle, $user}}', 'location={$xenOptions.boardTitle}'}" /></xen:container>


Jon W

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<xen:if hascontent="true">
[Code that may or not contain content]

Is what you should probably use if you are thinking of using a few lines of code or more. This kind of syntax is already used in member_view so that would be a good place to look for an example.