Member saying script is running?


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From a member.

"Sir, I am having trouble with the site. I keep getting a popup that says a script is running and it keeps locking up my computer and I can not navigate the site. This is something new and I would like to know how to disable or turn off so that I can surf the site. Thanks."

They said this is not happening on other sites they go to but no one else has complained about the issue. Any ideas.

Chris D

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Not enough information from him, I suspect.

What generates the error? Internet security software? The browser? Some other pop up?

Screenshot of the error would be useful or at least the exact error word for word.

What browser? Have they tried a different browser? Tried the browser with all add ons disabled?

What about another XenForo site, such as this one?

F12 developer tools would normally report script issues in the console...

I could go on :p But definitely more detail required.