Member not having permission to view threads


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A member of my forum is reporting that he is unable to view certain threads on the forum. I checked his permission settings and nothing says otherwise about him not being able to view specific threads.

His permission match that of other users and they are able to see the same thread however he gets a Permissions error "You do not have the permission to view this page or perform this action."

Any ideas what could be happening here?
I am on 1.1.4


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Does the member have any user specific permissions, either globally or per node?

No he doesn't have any special type of permissions. Same as normal members.

ANother member said for them they had issues with it saying he wasn't logged in but he kept refreshing and it somehow fixed itself.


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You will need to get some more information from the member in question.
Which threads?
What is the error?
Are they logged in? If so in the www or non-www version of the site (unless you have implemented htaccess redirect)?
Which browser are they using?
Any plugins and adblockers installed?

For one member to have issues it can only be permissions or user error/use.