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Hi all,

I'm trying to locate all the various screens that contain the settings for the various members information. I thought I was doing good but can't seem to locate how to edit the Custom field URL (Soundcloud) to replace it by short temrs like "SITE" or "URL" or something like that.


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Thank you!


You'll be surprised with what you can do with CSS. Go to "EXTRA.css" and add this:
.messageUserBlock .extraUserInfo dl:nth-child(6) dt
    visibility: hidden;

.messageUserBlock .extraUserInfo dl:nth-child(6) dt:before
    content: "TEXT YOU WANT HERE:";
    visibility: visible;

Change the "TEXT YOU WANT HERE" with what you want:

Thanks Dylan,

I'd like to actually do this different - have SoundCloud be a link, not have the URL show. And ideally, connect that to the specific icon representing that social media site. I found an addon, which is what put the SoundCloud logo under my member name, but I guess it was a fluke, cause once I started playing with custom fields, I lost track of how I did it... :)

Thanks for the tip, though...

Basically -

There is so much information members have, it would be great if I could find a way to display that info in two areas:

1- the sidebar message_user_info

2- the member card - even more so there! (I'll have to customize this card too later on, it doesn't show well the information as it is right now).


I've been searching, reading and testing various options to be able to show musicians music sites addresses in their sidebar box (Avatar, name, number of posts, etc).

I've created a custom field, but the result is only showing when people click and dig into the profile to see it.

I see that people who enter Twitter, Facebook or Skype into in their identities, have an icon showing exactly at that location, though. But I'm stomped how to add/edit identities. It's not possible through the Style Properties as was suggested before, unless I'm missing something.

Would anyone know where I could find instructions?

Thank you!

SKYPE ISSUE: I also don't know what people are supposed to find once they click the icons under the avatar, but all those icons link to an error page.

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Thanks for your patience! :)

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