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Mega Style [Paid] [Deleted]

Discussion in 'Style Releases' started by John, Mar 13, 2013.

  1. John

    John Well-Known Member

    John submitted a new resource:

    Mega Style (version 1.1.3) - Vividly colorful

    Read more about this resource...
    Last edited: Aug 5, 2013
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  2. AzzidReign

    AzzidReign Well-Known Member

    Looks awesome!! I'm not too impressed with many styles on this site but this is one made of quality (not sure about the coding, but the looks). Good work! Keep it up!
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  3. John

    John Well-Known Member

    Thanks! I can assure you the coding is on par with the looks. :)
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  4. ip0dhacker

    ip0dhacker Active Member

    Very nice style. Great job
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  5. Da Bookie Mon

    Da Bookie Mon Well-Known Member

    Looks great John!
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  6. Badboy

    Badboy Member

    Is there a Fluid Version too? I dont like fixed Styles.
  7. John

    John Well-Known Member

    Sorry, no, only the fixed width version.
  8. vexx

    vexx Active Member

    is there a problem with your payment service? i tried 3 times to purchase this theme via PP and I always got this message: This payment cannot be completed and your account has not been charged. Please contact your merchant for more information.
  9. John

    John Well-Known Member

    Hi, yes, on the Paypal side there was a problem, but your order went through 2CO just fine and is approved. Sorry for the inconvenience, enjoy the style! :)
  10. Shelley

    Shelley Well-Known Member

    As always, great looking style and of course i wouldn't expect anything less. Great work, John. (y)
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  11. RobParker

    RobParker Well-Known Member

    It's a bit broken/misaligned on an ipad. Just loaded the demo and the header/footer are shifted to the left whilst the rest of the content is centred.

    (Posted this on xFS too)
  12. John

    John Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the tip Rob, I'll be sure and give it a check on my iPad and see if I can pinpoint the problem. :)
  13. John

    John Well-Known Member

  14. vexx

    vexx Active Member

    is there any way we can take only the RM customization part? I did a bunch of changes to the style..and it's not funny to do it all over again :)
  15. John

    John Well-Known Member

    If you'll drop me a message over at my forums, I'll give you the changes you need just for the RM. :) However, if you've upgraded your site to 1.1.4, you'll need the entire new version of the framework and the style, otherwise you'll have problems.
  16. vexx

    vexx Active Member

    sure thing..thanks alot :)
  17. BamBam

    BamBam Active Member


    I have purchased this Style, and installed it on localhost for testing. The Userbar for "Ability to see if there are any registrations that need to be approved from the moderator bar" is missing, its not there. Is there no Userbar for this in your Style?

  18. vexx

    vexx Active Member

    I think you can add one..just take a look into the default style..and drop the line from there into the mega style :) i don't use that feature so I don't know if john removed it or not...but either way, you can add it easily
  19. BamBam

    BamBam Active Member

    Hm, i am new to XenForo. I dont know how to do this - hopefully John can fix this in the next Release.
  20. Andrej

    Andrej Well-Known Member

    Yeah it seems he forgot to include it.

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