Fixed Mediasites


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I have custom media tags, where the url is the id.

It's working and being shown.
But when somebody edits the post, the media tag is being "masked" again
which doesn't work anymore


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The id should realistically be whatever versus the full URL. The replacement should add in the necessary URL. So ID = Path.


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That's impossible because i need the full url (or 2 variables ( subdomain + id), but xenforo supports here AFAIK only 1 (the id)
Maybe not as efficient, but not impossible. Did you try using the URL match callback and embed HTML callback under the advanced options tab? This sounds like it might be a situation where it'd come in handy. Maybe you could try creating the media ID/key as the joined subdomain, a unique separator, and the ID in your URL match callback. In your embed HTML callback you could then explode on that unique separator and place both pieces in the correct place of the URL for the string to return.