mediasite callback - odd behavior


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What I am doing:

I am trying to make a media site bbcode which basically calls a custom script in an iframe from within the callback and returns that provided it matches the signature for a proper link.​
My problem:

I have already rewritten both the script and the bbcode multiple times. Best case scenario is immediately when posting it loads fine and user interaction with that script works fine, but if I refresh the page it pretty much kills xenforo and only displays the main content area and the headers sans logo nav search everything...basically just the wrappers.​
Under different configurations it ignores the (http://site/path/to) in the link in the bbcode and fails to load the page because it is looking for the script in XFinstall/path/to which is stated nowhere in the code.​

Out of options:

Wondering if someone who knows php, has experience with media sites , feels like doing something or all of the previous wouldn't mind taking a look themselves and see if they can spot the problem. I am sure it is something stupid but after staring at it for a couple days, my brain is mush and unless it punches me in the face, I will probably miss it.​


If you can can take a look let me know and I will send you the details for the script and my current bbcode definition and callback.​


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heh...solved it last night but I was soo tired I forgot to pop in and say that my issue was solved.

In case anyone is wondering, my problem was that inline replacements of variables failed in that instance, I don't know if was a parsing issue or if it was something to do with xenforo protecting itself from me breaking it but it works now.

yea it works!.png