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Media slider not showing content

Affected version
Hi, I‘ve configured the media slider widget in the forum list sidebar.
Media slider configuration is: random, 1 item, max. 1 item, no auto play, no loop, no pager


When refreshing the page, the media slider does not show the image, only sometimes. It occurs that a browser tab switch or a browser back and forth navigation makes the image appear.
I‘ve tested with multiple browsers and themes.
Once I‘ve changed the configuration to more than one image, then it works better.


Active member
I can confirm this with Chrome 63.0.3239.132.

It appears to happen on first ever visit, on returning to the site after a while and I can get it to occur with ctrl+f5 too, again this is all intermittent.

Once it has loaded once, every regular refresh afterwards works fine.


Well-known member
Me, too

Number of media items 4
Maximum slides 4
No Auto-play, Loop slides and Display pager

Maximum page width 1200 px
Maximum thumbnail dimensions 250 x 141

random media.jpg