Media site problem: double posting


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I've defined a new media page. is parsed in a callback function.

123456 is the id of a single recordset. The callback function reads the recordset from a mysql database (not xf db) One of the recordfields contains an image url. The return value of the mediasite callback function is sth like <img src="http://.../my123456image.jpg">.

This works fine. The posted url is replaced with the returned image from the database. However, there is a problem: when I post a single media link my posting is doubled. Can this be related to any xf caching?

Thanks, rhodes


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Have you tried disabling your resources?
@Amaury, this is not something which you can just respond with whenever anyone posts asking for support.

This thread has been posted in Development Discussions for a reason.
Clearly "disabling resources" is not going to result in a solution in this case (or many other cases for that matter).