MG 2.1 Media Gallery XF2 video upload shows a line through after hitting 100%

Mrs Langtrees

New member
We have just updated to XF2 from XF1.5 and are having issues uploading video files through Media Gallery.
If we upload pictures or sounds files there is no problem though.

When the file is selected the status bar goes from 0% to 100% and then displays the filename with a line through it. (see attached pic)

We are running php7.2-fpm via NGINX and the upload_max_size is set to 200M and the max_post_size is set to 210M.

EDIT:the tested video upload is 1.5Mb and a 50Mb file has the same outcome with the status bar heading all the way to 100% first.

HELP! Thanks.
and with other file formats,