MG 1.1 Media gallery Video Upload Problem

Chris D

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That's likely a good sign :) Well, apart from it being an old version, of course...

I just want to be clear, also, XenForo does not require the ffmpeg PHP extension. We don't use it. It's outdated and not maintained. We execute the FFmpeg binary directly via shell_exec and similar.

Please note this thread, also:

You really don't want to be using a version of FFmpeg older than Feb 2016. XFMG is compatible with FFmpeg 3.0 so that's a good bet.

There are some static builds available here:

Chris D

XenForo developer
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Ensure your user groups have permission to upload videos and that the categories are also allowed to have videos uploaded to them.

Xenforo updated last version.
XFMG updated last version.
FFmpeg 3.0. installed
Xen Gallery category video upload permission OK!

Save and server reboot.

It is WORK