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I run a photography forum.

We have images that are SFW (Safe for Work) and some images that are NSFW (Not Safe For Work) in the gallery.

I really dont want the NSFW images displaying on the forum home page on the Random Image slider.

I was using xengallery and when you created a new gallery it would ask which category you wanted it to be part of (you then set the categories - we had SFW & NSFW) the gallery would then reside in the usual place but be within the NSFW or SFW category. Their block could then be set to only display images from certain categories.

As I see it with MG - you get the choice to create an album or add an image to a category. If you add an image to a category then it sits in a single generic folder with all the other categorised images.

Is there a way that users can still create their own Albums but if the images are NSFW they will not be displayed in the random image block ??
No, this isn't possible. However, there is a somewhat popular suggestion that we implement the ability to add albums to categories though this is a big change so I wouldn't expect it soon (we're talking a XFMG 2.X level change really).

So, there isn't really a direct solution aside from having a "SFW" category and having people upload them there (even if it means users uploading them to both their album and the category). You can then set the media block to only show media from that category.
Ok thanks for your response @Chris D its a shame it sounds a while off as this is a big issue on my forum - might even mean we revert back to the old gallery system which I did not want to do.

Adding albums to categories would clear the whole thing up for us. or even if we could tag the images and disallow images with certain tags. Just something to stop the NSFW images getting to the random image block.
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