Fixed Media Gallery BB Code in Ressource Manager - Works only in the first text field


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The XenForo Media Gallery BB Code is a little buggy when there are more than one text field with the BB Code toolbar.

When I create a second text field for the ressource manager it's only possible to call the list of my images in the first text field. When I try to do this in the seond field the list appears in the first field and I can only choose some for this.

Of course I could copy the BB Code from this first field to the other one, but I think that confuses the user.

Chris D

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Thanks, I will look into that.

Hate to bring it up, but the image sharing service you use is awful. Every time I click one of your screenshots, I get a full page ad that covers the image you're sharing. I have to click the ad to get rid of it.

Just going to add this here for my sanity :p



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Oh, I didn't realize this. I use an ad blocker and so I didn't saw the advertisement there. Maybe I'll change my standard image sharing service :confused: