MG 1.0 Media gallery 1.0.8 Not available after install.

Ive just downloaded and installed the Media gallery.
But when I try the see the options i get redirected to (from the Admin Zone: List Addons).
The gallery section is visible for the regular user, but i can't see it on the Admin page. Unless i go to List Addons.


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The options are available under Options -> XenForo Media Gallery


Is that where you are clicking?

You also may need to set the administrator permissions.


Chris D

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If it isn't in the list and your account isn't a Super Admin you will need to set up your Administrstor account sith the relevant permissions.

Admin CP > Users > Administrators > Your User Name > Manage XenForo Media Gallery
Thanks, ive just changed the $config['superAdmins'] = ''; on the config file.
Now i can see the options. Strange because i've installed the addon without extra permissions.

Now i can setup the gallery.

Thank you.