XF 1.5 Maximum post in specific forum



Is it possible to limit users to post for example max 2 post in one forum.

What I want to do is:
I have one section of forum, where users can sell some thing related to forum topic. Now I noticed that I get lot of members that are just registered on forum to sell and not participating in any discussion nor they support forum with donation.

Now I would like to allow all user to be abel to post max 2 posts in that part of forum but if they want to post more than 2 posts they would have first to pay some fee, and then I would transfer them to User group "Seller" which is able to post without any restrictions.... Only thing I don't know is how and is it possible to limit maximum posts in one group/forum
And if I set for that specific forum that all post must be approved by admins and then create user group "Seller" and set Follow message moderation rules: to NO, would it mean that all users outside usergroup "Seller" when posting to forum would wait for message moderation, and users from "Seller" group will post without moderation (it would baypass it).

If so, that would be also acceptable solution for me.... but would requare sidenotes of when and how much posts users have in that forum
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