XF 1.5 Maximum conversation recipients - starter vs participant


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Usergroup permission of "Maximum conversation recipients" appears to apply across all participants, not just the conversation starter?

Fred's usergroup memberships give him a Maximum conversation recipients of 10. Fred starts a conversation and invites 9 others, including Sophie.
Sophie's usergroup memberships gives her a Maximum conversation recipients of 30.
Sophie, as a participant of Fred's conversation, can invite 20 more people to Fred's conversation.
The number of participants in Fred's conversation is now well beyond his maximum of 10.

Shouldn't the "Maximum conversation recipients" value for a conversation be based on the conversation starters value?

Chris D

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This is intentional. Generally only moderators would be allowed to always invite additional participants to a conversation when they're not the conversation starter so I think it's reasonable to allow a potentially more privileged user to override initial limits if they can.