Math 3.1.0

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Just looked at a picture you attached. You don't need to use \( and \) symbols inside bbcodes!

Instead of [imath]\( a \)[/imath] write [imath]a[/imath].

Same goes for block math: instead of [math]\[ a^2 + b^2 = c^2 \][/math] just write [math]a^2 + b^2 = c^2[/math].


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Seems there are a few bugs.
I made edit in the CMTV_Math_js template in post #51
Upgraded to the latest version, it overwrote the template instead of letting me merge the changes. Is it the expected behavior?

The advanced option for these BBcode are greyed out
Screen Shot 2020-09-17 at 11.49.24 AM.png


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Upgraded to the latest version, it overwrote the template instead of letting me merge the changes. Is it the expected behavior?
Oh, it is not a bug but a plugin-design error. I didn't think about merging templates when upgrading. I will think of how to secure math configuration from plugin updates. I am sorry for any losses it caused.


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CMTV updated Math with a new update entry:

Update 3.1.0

This update will reset the content of CMTV_Math_js and CMTV_Math_macros. Make sure to backup your math macros before installing it!

Math options​

Added a new options page in "Options" called "Math options":

View attachment 236731

On this page you can customize main "Math" addon options:
  • Math macros
  • Custom math delimiters
  • Igonre math in elements with classes...

Read the rest of this update entry...
Hello @CMTV I deeply appreciate this resource, you inspire me to create similar ones for other sciences like chemistry and physics. I don't know if it's my forum or a resource problem, but in the new XenForo editor the icon doesn't appear. Note that I am using version 2.2.0. However, the BBCodes do work perfectly because I tested them manually. I would dare to say that it is a template error, but I did not want to touch anything so as not to cause chaos. Can you please help me?
Hi there, I run a general use forum and I noticed that sometimes the math code is applied to posts where the user didn't intend it to. Am I missing a setting somewhere or is there a way to only enable this add-on to apply the code to a post if a user specifically clicks the toolbar button to do so? In other words, a way to only have the code apply when a user opts into it? Thanks in advance.
In addition to the custom delimiters, is it possible to have custom bbcodes that hook into this add on? For example, I have tons of old posts using TEX bbcodes. Not sure how to convert those to math or imath. For that matter I have a lot of people who were using MATH all caps and it's also not triggering this add on. Thanks!


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Thank you very much for that wonderful addon.
Today i finally understood why i have some strange text in my xenforo.
It is because your addon recognize code and transforms it in places where it should not be.
For example in the admin area or in a new page, where i just print_r() an array while developing an addon.
You may want to reduce the hungry addon to work only in

post message
resource message
maybe more
maybe some comments

Hai Tran

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Thanks for add-on.
But I can't see suggestion functions, can you help me?
My site used XF 2.2.8 patch 1 and Math 3.1.0.
Thanks so much.



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Hi there,

I really like this addon, but I wonder if I can make some basic math operations (like subtractions for instance) with it...

I'm using this addon in my forum but I can't make any math operations at all.