Massive Spam botnet?


My website for the past half year or so has had a relentless torrent of spam. All of the spam is from Aritel broadband in India. Normally it is early in the morning(EST) but the times never are the exact same and the IP are always different. We use StopForumSpam, DNSBL, and Project Honey Pot and while this blocks many of them many still get through. Many of the accounts they sign up for never even try to post anything while the rest always link to male enhancement pills, etc.

Originally 90% of them were using rediffmail, until I blocked it and then 90% started using proton mail (no change in amount of spammers). Even so some have, gmail, outlook, yandex etc... I have tried using all the different captchas and none of them make a huge difference.

What I am wondering is what is the perfect way to block them and what is their goal? Why do they sign up for accounts that never post things? Is this a botnet of some sort or are there real people in India making accounts? How do they get so many ip addresses from Aritel? They obviously make no money from my site so where is the profit in this to keep doing this every day?
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Cloudflare can block countries, CSF can do it at a server level.
Also disallow link posting and filling in home page/about me until 1 or 2 posts.


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If its like any of the many forums I've run over the years, you'll lose nothing by blocking all of India (and China as well).