XF 1.3 massive drop in indexed links


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Hey all, just wondering if anyone else has noticed this. Since moving from ipb to xenforo about 3 to 4 months ago my indexed links have dropped from about 16000 to 13! Submitted links are now 13000 but there is only 13 indexed. This has been the case since moving over. :(


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I have. I have the site map plugin that pings google. I also have submited manually and have webmasters tools set up.

Never had this before with the same forum on any other platforums. Not saying it is xenforo but just trying to figure out why the dramatic change which obviously is not helping out forum.

Has Google changed its ranking criteria and indexing criteria. Have I missed something. Maybe that is why I have this sudden change.

I have not changed anything other than switching to xenforo. I feed all posts to our Facebook page and twitter via twitterfeed which has never been a problem but wonder if maybe Google has changed and now does not like this.


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Looking up your license and Googling for "site:x" links, I get ~6000 with the www and ~23000 with out. Where are you seeing the indexed links issue? (Also, have you set up redirects?)


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Hmm yes i see that also doing the search. Maybe it is just webmaster tools that is not displaying correctly! I set up redirect to non www.