Mass send "awaiting user confirmation" emails (resend related)


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I wanted to make this suggetion for a while now, but I'm able to now. I want to push this as a popular suggestion. So, if you agree, please upvote or "react." I'm not sure which one is going to become the standard going forward for beyond XF2.2

Periodically, I deleted or still delete zero posters sitting in "awaiting user confirmation" group,. because there isn't really an option to send a mass email to people sitting in that state. (Well, there's batch updates, but that's not what I meant...) Or those who already admin option "resend confirmation" for users who have it. I would like this to become a mass-email option.

I want new users, and more users, but if I have to delete people who are sitting in "awaiting user confirmation" I will... At the same time, every time I do, it's a loss of a new user. Most of the time, the email is never seen by the user in question...

Please make it happen, team.
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In theory, this sounds like a good suggestion. I had something similar as an addon on vB4.

In practice, it's not likely to help more people confirm the email address either because
  1. the email address is invalid; or
  2. the email provider is blocking emails from your domain or server; or
  3. the original email went to spam/junk and even with a reminder to check those folders the member didn't and probably won't now.
I use this addon and set the time limit to 7-10 days. If the email address is still unconfirmed after that time, the record is deleted.


Stuart Wright

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We recently discovered that our emails were being spam blocked by Office 365. We de-listed the IP but that leaves a number of users who never received their confirmation email.
I'd like to be able to use the search users and batch update facility to re-send the confirmation email to hundreds of users.
This, I'm reasonably sure, is a fairly trivial addition to make to the batch update users function.