Lack of interest Awaiting User Confirmation Usergroup able to update email


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I do not know how many times a newly registered user mistypes or purposely inputs the wrong email address to see if verify email confirmation is on.
There needs to be a link upon when the user tries to re-login in with the unconfirmed user registered name to be able to update their email address.
It bothers me to have so many users with unconfirmed email addresses.

Instead of a message that states a newly registered user must check their email for confirmation or resend email, it would be wise to include a update email address link.
For example, "Do you believe you mistyped your email address? Click here to update and confirm your email address."

This feature would be very useful and reduce the number of attempts to register bad or mistyped email addresses. There are a few users who state they messed up and want their original username, but I would rather find it easier than asking a staff to change it, to update the email address themselves and not have to ask or create another account for unnecessary reasons or a reason they cannot update or confirm their original newly created username.