Add email confirmation workflow to usergroup promotion


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Email confirmation is a delaying mechanism for user and community adoption. It slows down engagement, and with increasing frequency, constrains or stops engagement/registration. We don't *really* need confirmed email addresses for initial user registration and participation. Email Confirmation has not been enabled on my site for over a year now, with no adverse affects. In fact, I'd argue it's improved user registration and engagement.

But, once a user becomes an 'active' user on your site (either time, content creation, involvement, etc.) there is value is ensuring that their email address is accurate and receiving your site communication (alerts, transactions, newsletters, etc.).

Thus, I propose that the email confirmation workflow be available to be launched as an action within usergroup promotions. For example, I have a usergroup promotion to add 'Established' as a secondary group once a user becomes active on my site (some of the criteria examples mentioned above). As part of this usergroup promotion actions, I would like to launch the email confirmation process and now, when the user has value and is participating/active, ensure that their email address is valid.


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How do you envision email notifications to work for users that do not have validated their email?
The same way it works now, when you are not validating, bounced email handling.
Or, a change to XF, so that email sending options are not available for users with unconfirmed email addresses.