XF 1.5 Mass email user list

whenever i try to generate a mass email list, theres only a few users popping up , mainly our staff members.
I have tried different selections on membergroup, but its all the same.
Anyone has any idea ?


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Do you have everyone with their Primary user group set to Registered (which is the correct way to set XenForo user groups, the rest being secondary and cumulative for permissions)? If so, how many are you getting and what number should you be expecting?

Also do note that if it's a just a list of email addresses you are generating, you will need to scroll on the email list page to see all email addresses (not obvious at least in Chrome as you have to hover on the white page and then scroll).


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I'd guess that you have your users set up with those user groups as their Primary user groups rather than as Secondary user groups?

I've just tested this with a similar search with Primary user group set to Any and I've ticked Secondary user group of Registered. It pulled up zero results for me as all of my users have the Registered group correctly set as their Primary user group.

If you don't have your user groups set up in the recommended way (explained in the resource below) you are going to have to untick all of the secondary user groups to make this work.