XF 1.3 Mass delete posts made before a particular date

I need to delete all the posts and threads made before a certain date on a forum and cant seem to find any option to be able to do that. Any ideas how to do this?

I converted the forum to xenforo on 12th of Aug and I want everything created before that date to be removed now so I can use the older content on old domain (I used a new domain for xenforo and redirected urls from old domain to new one) So there will now be two different forums.

Another problem I see is that what would happen to the posts that were made on threads that are older and will be deleted with this pruning? Any way to create a new thread automatically and let the new posts be there some how or if some one has a brighter idea?

Ark Royal

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I can see how Batch Update Threads can be used to delete threads created before a certain date but is there a way to do the same for posts?

For example I want to delete all posts made in a thread before 1st Jan 2016 but keep all posts made after that date. Is there anything built in to do this or would I need to resort to SQL?


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There isn't anything that would do the general concept of deleting posts programmatically -- and I absolutely wouldn't recommend doing it in SQL. But your particular example of removing posts in a thread can generally be accomplished via using inline moderation (though it will still require a fair amount of clicking).


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You can make a suggestion, but I really can't see this being an expected usage/option.