Add-on Marketplace with integrated forum point/cash system & paypal feature.

I want to create a marketplace for my forum, it's a designer's forum, where people can set up their own comissions/shops etc and be paid in both forum points(with whatever name we decide to call that) and use paypal to pay for things. Is this possible, can this be done?

Additionally, is there a way the site can have its own shop? I've seen this done on IPB and VB so I know it's possible, but basically where people can pay to have features on the site. For example, be able to request their own subforums, add their own emotes, customize their usernames with colors and effects, these are just some ideas, I don't know if I'll use any or all of those, but the premise remains the same.

Anyways I'd like to know if this addon exists or if it can be made.


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Are there any options out there that have this integrated inside the forum threads itself? Like different fill options custom thread fields rather than making this work with the resource manager?