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Mark threads as solved (prefix and optional banners) 1.1.0

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sheel submitted a new resource:

Mark threads as solved (prefix and optional banners) - Mark threads as solved/unsolved, with own permissions; and solved/abandoned banners

This plugin has three related functions, each optional of course:
  • A link to mark threads as solved/unsolved, which adds/removes a prefix.
  • Optionally a banner on solved threads, telling the user more visibly that the thread is already solved.
  • Optionally a banner on old unsolved threads that the thread is abandoned (age based on last post).
  • Once solved, the link changes its text and allows to revert the solved status again.
  • Solving is possible...

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Hm. Are you sure you uploaded the php files to the correct location,
and that the names of folders and PHP files are correct (uppercase/lowercase is important on Linux servers)?
Which Xenforo version do you use?
Does the installation work now?

About the nodes ... it's not really required to have the prefix everywhere, but the link will be there nonetheless. (When clicked, nothing happens.)

Maybe I'll add this in the next days
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Change that to forums/library/Sheel/Solved/Inject.php , like it is in the downloaded zip file
(and the other two PHP files have to be in Solved/ too)
So it works. What I would also recommend is maybe creating an addon that allows you to quickly add a prefix from the View Thread page rather then having to edit the thread?
Isn't that kind of like ... this addon?
But this is only for Solved. I'm saying rather than having to add prefix ID's and such, you will have a drop down menu above the thread that allows you to quickly apply a prefix.
sheel updated Mark threads as solved (prefix and optional banners) with a new update entry:

Forum node restrictions

Forum node restrictions are now possible. The solve/unsolve links will only appear in nodes where the prefix is allowed. Accordingly, the solved banner can only appear in these nodes.

Because the old banner could make sense in prefixless nodes too, there is an new option if it should be only in the prefix'ed nodes or everywhere.

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We currently use a similar system but with multi-mod in our Help forum. Moderators run the multi-mod which:
  • Adds a post explaining it's solved (I like your banner system better).
  • Locks thread
  • Changes prefix
  • Moves thread to Solved Archive node
Your plugin looks like a great alternative & what we've really been looking for is a way to allow the thread OP to mark solved themselves (as well as moderators as not everyone checks back).

Feature requests:
  • More options on who can mark as solved (Thread OP & Usergroup options)
  • Allow moving thread after being marked as solved (we use a solved archive to allow easier searching & an archival plugin for lighter requests when browsing them)
More options on who can mark as solved (Thread OP & Usergroup options)
What exactly do you have in mind that can't be solved with the 4 permissions?
Allow moving thread after being marked as solved
Does the target forum depends on where it was before?

Btw., as answer to the nice review, Thank you!, and Waindigo/THs plugin and it's many shortcomings was the reason I made this :)

You're right, the permissions are exactly what I was asking for. (whoops, I only checked the options didn't look into the permissions).

Does the target forum depends on where it was before?

Not for us but maybe for others & would be nice if we expand to support other things.

In our case we have one Help forum that all requests are posted in.
  • Threads that are marked as solved get moved to the Solved Archive forum.
  • Threads without response after 5 days move to a separate archive.
This keeps the Help forum clean & always relevant with no stagnant topics & makes it so users searching for something can easily search the solved subforum.
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