Mark Threads as Solved by Waindigo [Deleted]


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I just tested it and it worked pretty good. I do have a suggestion though to do with as you please.

Allow admin to select which forum to use this on. "Mark as Solved" is probably mostly used on a support board and not needed on all boards as it currently stands.


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These would both be very nice additions to this add-on, if you would like to contribute to add either feature please send me a PM
I don't mind aiding but I do have other things I'm trying to take care of, Just letting you know so it doesn't seem like I'm backing out. Let me know how much it'll be and I'll see what I can do.

Jon W

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Thanks @Martok. Not everyone will agree with our model, but that we have never had to release a paid add-on continues to show how great the XenForo community is. We cannot show enough our appreciation to those members of the community who do contribute for the benefits of the community as a whole.

It is always difficult to ask for more contributions without making it sound like we don't appreciate the massive contribution members have already made. But we now have over 150 resources available and have no plans to stop releasing many many more.


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So to be clear about the function of this, it adds a prefix (any) to a thread instead of editing the first post and doing the same?

This would be great combined with a "best answer(s) marking of one or more answers in the thread as well as an automatic closing of the thread when this is invoked (optional).