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Mark Thread as Read v1.2.1

No permission to download


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I use it with XF 1.1.5 without problems.
What happens (or doesn't)?

Did you add the templates edits correctly?
(Will release a version for XF 1.2 that uses the new Template Modification System)



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It's the same style property as the page navigation.
Edit the style property 'Item Page Nav Link' and 'Item Page Nav Link, Hover State' in the property group 'Discussion List'.


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I can confirm it works on both XF 1.3 and XF 1.4.

@skhms could you edit the resource to officially list the add-on as 1.3- and 1.4-compatible in the Overview tab? I was actually going to make my own until I found out yours works perfectly well. I think people might be turned off from downloading it because the Overview tab says it just supports XF 1.2.

Also, the add-on's title in the admin panel add-on list is "SK Mark Thread as Thread" which should be "SK Mark Thread as Read", just pointing that out.

Excellent add-on! Thanks.
I can't get this to work properly with XenForo 1.4.3. All of the files have been uploaded to my server, I installed the xml file and nothing appears next to any unread threads. Am I missing an option somewhere in the ACP to get it working?


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There's no options.

But you do need to hover over the thread for the 'Mark as Thread' link to appear. Just like you need to hover for the page navigation to appear in a thread list.
Does the 'Mark Threads as Read' option shows up in list with actions on the admin panel when you select a thread?

Besides that I guess that you can check if the automatic template edits worked.
Perhaps you need to add them manually if you've made some other changes to the template.

Besides that I guess that you can check if the automatic template edits worked.
That was the problem, the edits weren't made. I made the template edit and "Mark As Read" appears twice now (see image below), how can I fix that? And thank you for the fast reply.