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Hi All

I am moving to a new dedicated server but I found out it comes with MariaDB not Mysql.

Whats the difference between MariaDB and MySql in terms of:
1. backup and restore command lines
2. optimization
3. my.cnf file settings

is the same exactly and I can just copy/paste my.cnf content of mysql to matiadb? ( both servers almost the same hardware)

Does it worth it to move from MySql to MariaDB?
If you don't have to have a cPanel setup, then I'd recommend installing CentOS on your server and using @eva2000's CentMin install. It will install nginx (high performance HTTP server), mariaDB, your PHP processor and PostFix for you. Setting the domains up is very easy with it.

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More optimized out the box


so Cpanel Updated today and they suggest moving to MariaDB, now I have Percona Server installed, Installed that manually. so I'm not sure if cpanel will upgrade it properly though. I don't want my data being corrupted. and is MariaDB any better then Persona Server??

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I would only upgrade if MariaDB had higher speed as in faster requests, better performance anything to help improve overall site speed and load times...

or even when updating/installing add-ones as I know rebuilding templates is all SQL queries and wish there was something to improve overall query speed..
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