Lack of interest Manual Approval Whitelist/Bypass

Would you like to see this bypass/whitelist feature on the Manual Approval?

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We have a pretty amount of spammers on our forum, and Stop Form Spam doesn't stop them.
The spammers always use rare email extensions ( generated ) and yes, we block them but there are tons of extensions.
after we ban a spammer he always comes back, so we enable manual approval to detect them and reject their registration. but our forum gets over 200 (legit) registrations per day so thats kind of much work..
how to prevent this? please check my suggestion :p
(yes we tried everything to stop them, but they are really hardcore.. :cautious:)

The suggestion is basicly you can whitelist email extensions or let them bypass the manual approval
such element inspect skills :p

spammers ( at least our experience ) never use email extensions such as hotmail, gmail and yahoo. And 80%+ of our registrations use a email like these so they would be registered automaticly ( if selected after email confirmnation ).