making the jump from smf to xenforo

hello, new guy here making the jump from smf to xenforo.
my old forum
Southern California Hunting - Index
new forum url will be

not a huge forum but a semi busy one and growing like a weed thus the jump before we get big and this is a even bigger pain.
so here is my question. I know the SMF importer is beta but it sounds like its working ok. so the correct order to make the jump

i copy the attachments folder to the new root dir on the location. i figured out the setting in filezilla about unchecking the force ascii on files with out a extension
i copied the database over to the new server and restored it so xenforo can copy the data.
Copy the xenforo 1.5.0 files to the root dir and run install.
after install go to tools>import data>smf2.0 beta and follow the prompts

is there anything i should be watching out for or must do steps to not fall on my face here?

thanks for the help and Happy to be here :)
ok... so did the import a couple times now and a few problems are popping up. users and boards are importing fine as are the topics and post. I can not find a flaw. but avatars and attached images seem to be having a rough time. Some are making it but most are not. avatars are random and only about 100 of them made the jump.

our SMF was a 1.x forum and about a year ago moved to 2.x the attachment folder has about 10k images in it. transfer with filezilla in bin mode.

Here is a successful import
One Raffle Bow - Primal Archery - Southern California Hunting
One Raffle Bow | SCH OUTDOORS

here is a failed import
Wister 8-18-15 - Waterfowl Hunting - Southern California Hunting
Wister 8-18-15 | SCH OUTDOORS

the random aspect to it has me confused. 10 images in the attachments folder. only 2k are showing as transfers in the import tool

warning if you go crawling around on this forum its a hunting forum and there are some graphic images. the links above are not graphic in any way


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The avatars which aren't imported, have they been uploaded by the members in question or are they from some sort of avatar gallery?
they are uploaded to our server, one of the ones that did not make it is from my normal user account . we have a gallery addon but no one uses it because its not very well implemented.
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I have a feeling that this has come up before, and I think that it was a similar circumstance - a 1.x SMF board upgraded to 2.x. I seem to recall thinking the concept of maintaining two different conventions for file storage was pretty alien.

Is it possible for you to share your SMF files and database with us? Doing so would allow me to better develop and test a fix for this problem.