XF 1.4 Making nested nodes visible.

I created a page node under another node. I can see it in the node list in the AdminCP but I cannot see it from the index page. I have to go into the parent node to find it.

This is the tree:

Main forum
Second forum

Category two

However, on the index page I only see:

Main forum
Second forum

Category two

Is there a way to make child forums visible on the index page?



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The root node is the forum index.

If your category has that as the parent node then the page should show.

In the index page, just under the Main Forum heading it does say there is 1 sub forum, which is good, but is there a way to make the sub forum actually visible without having to click on the link under the heading.

I hope that explanation makes sense .... :)
OK, great, I've got all that figured out, thanks.

Now, about pages, at the risk of appearing particularly dense, how do I enter information into the page? I can create them, including a description and other options, but how, and where, do I enter the actual information the page is meant to contain?