XF 1.2 Making a private board

I am new to Xenforo and finding it all a bit confusing, so please bear with me :)
I want to make a board that is totally private, and only visible to registered users.
I can see how to make individual forums (nodes) private, but is there a setting to make the whole board private? I cannot find this.
Many thanks!


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If you want to privatize the whole board in one single action I suppose you could just make all the forum nodes children of a single category node and make that category private and restricted to registered members mods and staff or whatever.


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Try setting the Unregistered / Unconfirmed user group like this:

Admin CP -> Users -> User Groups -> Unregistered / Unconfirmed -> Quick check all -> Not Set (No)


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There's no easy method of doing this, I settled with making the forums private for guests and a couple of add-on's and template edits to remove the Members tab, forum statistics and such. This is really something they should look at in future releases.