Implemented Make \XFMG\Ffmpeg\Runner extendable


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Basically the title says it all :)

I'de like to be able to extend this class so I could run ffmpeg on different machines.
Currently, this would require to extend a few classes to get rid of the hardcoded classname


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As it is right now, we've disabled encondig as I do not want to install ffpmeg on our appserver containers and give them access to a PHP cli binary (they don't even have /bin/sh to begin with), but I wouldn't mind dedicating a few containers for ffmpeg if I can easily fork out work to them (via Gearman for eample).

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Fair enough. I was just curious in case the use case would be something we could add to the core. :) That particular usage is of course somewhat advanced so probably beyond the scope of the product, but indeed the ability to extend the class should help.


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If you want to implement that in the core: Go ahead ... less work for me :)
Though I somewhat doubt that this would make sense as most likely only a very small minority of your customer base would use that.
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