Implemented Make Thread Prefix Required for selection.


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I really love the new thread prefix system but I think we really need to add a feature where it makes it so the user must pick a thread prefix from the group to make the thread.

I know the devs. have already added the default thread prefix, which is awesome. I just hope they can add the functionality to force a user to pick a prefix when making a thread.


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Emphatic +1 for this. In many cases, thread prefixes are only truly useful if the user is forced to select one. For instance, software version when posting in a support forum.

I would also add that forcing a prefix should not require also defaulting a prefix. It should be possible to default to no prefix selection, and force the user to actually pick one.

For the moment I'll probably spend the money on the paid addon referenced above, as it's worth 6 quid to me to have this feature, but IMHO this really should be part of the core for prefixes.

-- hugh