Lack of interest Maintain focus on Quick Reply box and Reply page

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Quick Reply​

On 1.x, (iirc) when you replied from the quick reply box, the quick reply box retained focus after the post was made.
On 2.1.x… focus disappears from the quick reply box in rich editor. Focus is retained after posting in raw editor.
On 2.2 here… focus appears to be lost in both cases. As soon as you post, the focus leaves the quick reply box.

Request: If this was not an intentional change, bring back the behavior of 1.x. Retain focus in the quick reply box even after post is posted.

Reply Page​

If you load the full reply page (like this… the focus is not inside editor. It makes sense to do that! Just like when you open the post thread page, the focus is in the title field. If the cursor is in the post content field on /reply links, user would be able to start writing instantly without additional interaction with the mouse.

These are minor things that would save me a few minutes here and there. Might even improve overall usability. Especially the second thing. Do consider! PS: I do understand that most users never even see the full reply page template. I do use it heavily though. Thanks!
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