XF 1.5 Main Page up but 404 Errors Everywhere Else

Matt E.

New member
Everything worked after installation of some add-ons. I logged in yesterday and changed URL to reader friendly and romanized and tried to change site metadata when it logged me out of admin console and the site (this was about half an hour after changing the URL system, checking the admin console shows the metadata was not changed). The main page was up, but when I clicked on something the site returned a 404 error, including login. I accessed the admin console using a direct link and was able to log back in to the console and the site, but the site was returning 404 errors everywhere still. I undid the URL change and waited a few hours and the site seemed to fix itself.

I went back today and tried to change the URLs to reader friendly and romanized again and it worked for a while. I was also able to change the metadata. When I went to the main page to see if the URLs changed it worked for a while again just like last time, but then within a few minutes the site started returning 404 errors again although it did not log me out.

My hosting company says that there is nothing wrong on their end. The site is still being built and while it is running some addons and custom themes the site was stable afterwards. The issues only seem to happen when the URLs and metadata are changed (or at least when an attempt is made to change them). I've checked the site on another device and have confirmed that this is not related to anything with the browser cache.

Does anyone know how to resolve this apart from not toggling the URLs, if that is even what's going on?