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I no but i am a bit shy with money, even though i have quite a lot.
I don't want to be buying it for £87.

I was hoping to be hitting £60-£75.


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I meant there's no updated styles for XenForo 1.1.0 Beta 3?
its a side-effect of betas, the style makers want to wait until 1.1 gets released before they update their styles, they don't want to duplicate work....

As for £87 being expensive, as far as I'm concerned, its great value. Just wondering, do you walk into Currys and say "Hi, I'd like that TV up there, but I don't want to pay the asking price, I want 30% off the price"?

I don't see why this is any different. The price is $140, take it or leave it. I don't care if you've got lots or not, to be quite frank and I normally people who go about saying they have lots either a) don't or are b) egotistical.


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$140 is a bargain for a forum software such as XenForo, Ashley.

If anything I would say there should be an increase in price.

And why do you ask? I saw your thread on ForumPromotion where you said:

"Yes I am running nulled software and there is nothing XenForo can do about it"


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I meant there's no updated styles for XenForo 1.1.0 Beta 3?
The reason why no one (except a few free style designers) updates their styles to work with betas is 1) it wouldn't be backwards compatible with 1.04, 2) updates can be anywhere from a few days to a month or two, 3) beta software is generally unsupported by the developers, why should style designers be any different.


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I think we should set up Nulled Flash Mobs. When we find a forum using nulled XF we all go and post all over the forums for a week until it is unusable for them or they stay busy removing our post. LOL Xenforo may not have a impact on offshore hosting but Xenforos customers can.

P.S. to the OP it is well worth the money.
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