XF 1.5 Lost super admin rights ?

When trying to add an administrator, XenForo tells me i need to be a super admin
Other sections of AdminCP gives same error too.

i'm User ID #1 and listed as super administrator in config.php ... what's wrong ?


The other admin (User ID #64) has the same problem.

Chris D

XenForo developer
Staff member
I think it could be that comma character in the config.php.

It doesn't look like a standard comma. When you made that change, which text editor were you using?
Yes it's a standard comma character from keyboard, my editor is Microsoft Visual Studio Code, it may just be the editor font. I always use UTF8 encoding so it should be fine.

Just to be sure i tested with just one user as admin in /library/config.php and i still have the same problem

Chris D

XenForo developer
Staff member
I've just taken a look at your site.

User ID 1 on your site is ungovernable.
User ID 64 on your site is charlotte (and looks like they could be a standard user rather than staff/admin).

Based on your screenshot in your first post you're logged in as Libertaire.net which is user ID 3.

So, taking that all at face value, you're not actually logged in as a Super Administrator when you're getting that error.
You're right, i didn't even realize i could be logged in as Ungovernable but logged as a different user in AdminCP (user Libertaire.net)
Since Libertaire.net is also my forum name, i didn't pay attention to the text displayed at top right.

Thanks !