Lost One day's data

3rd AnGle

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Last few days has been difficult for me trying to migrate servers... :( I have got another problem. Help would be highly appreciated

Here's a brief history:
Day1: I took a full site backup at around 5pm,
Day2: we migrated our server at around 3AM. So after the migration we lost the data posted after 5pm as expected:D.
Day2: We took a backup from my old host which had the post 5pm data at around 10AM and imported this through phpMyAdmin SQL. It worked. Everything seemed to work. All data except for few pictures were imported. (btw my account with my previous host is still active)

Until Day3: We lost the data posted after Day2's 8AM

Now the funny thing is the pictures which were posted in the User's Album @Day3 1 AM are still intact and shown in the user's album.

(The domain nameservers were also changed on Day2 at around 11AM. I am suspecting the propagation could have been the culprit.. or is it just me? :D)
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