XF 2.2 import_log_vbulletin5_1, possible data loss?


Hi, I converted my old vbulletin 5.1 to xenforo 2.0, up to 2.2 (latest patch).
Over the years I have replaced database servers and have always backed up and imported the database.
The last import was a few weeks ago, and while doing some checks, I noticed something very strange:
The import_log_vbulletin5_1 table from the live database on the forum has about 8 million fewer entries than the import_log_vbulletin5_1 table from 3 weeks ago and in the backup.

Now, is it possible that for some reason, XenForo goes to work on that table?

Is it possible that due to some error in the backup and subsequent import of the db, there was an error and I lost something?

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