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So I am currently looking to rebuild my forum fresh from scratch, aside from the important content. Way back when I originally purchased xenforo, I was of course new to it therefore did not configure things correctly such as usergroups being a main issue. I am wanting to know if this is possible to do but keep important things such as bans, users, threads, posts, etc. and rebuild everything else from the beginning.

Thank you!
If user groups are the main issue, then you can just re-do these in the correct way without having to rebuild everything. I'm sure you are aware of this guide which will help:


and this on on node permissions:


Everyone who has migrated to XenForo has had to go through this. The key is to plan your user groups and the permissions they have before then implementing the changes as it'll make the actual change go a lot quicker. I'd suggest using a spreadsheet to list all permissions and groups you want with the associated permissions and when you have done that, then go about changing them on your forum.
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