looking for someone to help me convert from IPB


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Hello guys,

I am willing to buy a xenforo license and convert from IPB however there is no converter available. I don't own a vbulleting license to convert to it then to xf.
Can somebody help doing this please.


Hello majdi,

Nice to meet you and I am glad to hear you're interested in the XenForo software. :) We can help you here on this community to get you a license. You can buy one on http://xenforo.com/purchase. They are currently $140 a pop :) Can't really get it any cheaper :p

IPB and vBulletin have always been the kings in the bbs market, but with XenForo they have a serious competitor on their hand. It's great to see more sites upgrade to a more modern solution, such as yourself, away from IPB to XenForo.

At http://xenfans.com we offer a convert service - and we do support IPB. Feel free to msg me for a quote. Once we get 50% pay up front, and the SQL to your IPB (and if you have attachments, the /upload/ folder as well. Then we can use our xenfans.inhouse (and/or impex) to convert you over to XenForo 1.0.0 RC2

It's about $35 for up to 250k posts, and if the import fails, you get the money back, minus an $8 base price.


Yeah probably :) I will click on your avatar > follow > and then start a privmsg with you ;) Sorry about that!