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Looking for an Web Application Form add on

Discussion in 'Add-on Requests [Archive]' started by Crazyace, Jun 4, 2011.

  1. Crazyace

    Crazyace Member

    I just created a new site for a group of friends that play Battle Field Bad Company 2. They are looking for an easy way to do an application process. I was wondering if a mod like that has all ready been released by someone. Thanks for your support in helping me find this. I tried searching for a bit and found a ton of posts but not what I needed.
  2. Ryan Kent

    Ryan Kent Well-Known Member

    Can you offer more details on the application process?
  3. Crazyace

    Crazyace Member

    I would want it to be a tab at the top of the forums for users to click on and fill our a quick form of questions. Then after they have filled out the form it will submit to a selected section on the forums.
  4. John L.

    John L. Well-Known Member

    This is being worked on and has been requested here: http://xenforo.com/community/threads/form-addon.10359/

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