Looking for an addon developer

We are after someone who knows how to create an addon that accesses external mysql databases which reside on the same servers as the main site.

Basically a page that allows details to be entered and then submitted and stored in the database tables and then another page that grab this data and displays it accordingly.

If anyone is up for the job please let me know and we can send you more details of what we are after.


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You have just described the basic functionality of any web application ever developed :p

You may want to be a bit more specific ..
What we are after is a way to create new pages that keep the same theme as the main site, but have certain pages that are available to everyone and some pages available to only members that are signed in, and lastly a few that are only available to admin's.

For the pages to either obtain information from the user which is stored in our own databases which we have called 'results' and for this information stored to be obtained from the tables and shown in the relevant pages.

We did create a new page and I tried to add in the PHP code, but it did not work and came up with some error I can not remember, but I think that I was only able to add in HTML only as that is what the page said I could only add.