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I am the owner of Minecraftly game server. I also created a free URL shortener recently for the Minecraft community. In short, I enjoy filling in the blank and contributing as much as I can using what I know to the Minecraft community. I also love experimenting and with new technology. Recently, I implemented Cloudflare's Railgun on all of my websites to cache both static and non-static web resources as I wanted to ensure a great web experience for my users.

Why do I do this?
I see that most servers use TeamSpeak to let people voice chat. Although TeamSpeak is very good, I personally don't use it, and for some reason I don't like to download TeamSpeak or setting up a TS server for my players. I think that with current technologies, P2P voice chatting via WebRTC is more convenient and can scale better. There are people who love TS, there are people who love WebRTC, I want to target the missing sector in this community.

Also, I think that by combining my easy to remember domain name with providing free service to the Minecraft community as a whole, it would let people chat easier. Additionally, other server owners can create room for their server (For example: https://m.ly/voice/A-Minecraft-Server) without having to buy a TeamSpeak server.

I don't plan to add video chat at the moment to prevent the possibilities of non family-friendly chat, and help scale the service better (Each room probably can have max of 20 people talking at the same time using pure P2P).

Looking for
I am looking for a WebRTC developer to create a cool P2P voice chat/streaming service for the Minecraft community. It can be done via Xenforo add-on type software in combination with WebRTC. You will use some open source WebRTC resources to create a platform for people to voice chat without needing TeamSpeak server/client. Anything can be done on the web. Some example links are presented below:

Some open source resources can be found here:


https://m.ly/voice/ will be used for public voice chatroom that any registered Xenforo user can join and chat. Some functions can be added like mute, click to talk, hold, leave, kick, ban, invite,..

https://m.ly/voice/{user-generated-room-name} are private or public rooms created by user with settings that they can control.

Streaming will also use WebRTC, one person can set up a stream room for themselves, turn on screensharing, and invite others via the short link.
https://m.ly/stream/{user-generated-stream-name} are stream room that they can stream what's currently on their screen.

Time frame
It is flexible. You will work directly with me to test the software to push production as fast as possible. I work and cooperate extremely fast. Completion can be within a few days, a week or more.

It is flexible, negotiable, will greatly depend on your past experience, the product you created, and the work quality. Most of the WebRTC codes are in the open source resources above. Let me know your price.

Closing statement
This WebRTC project has been my passion since the beginning of 2014, and I'd love to have you on my team if you are qualified and a good person. Simply let me know your credentials and your pricing/bid for this project. :)

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