Looking for a Site Co-Owner


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haha. you guys are funny. i'd do it myself, but I'm a minor. The ideas aren't half bad though.
Why not try a free forum using phpbb? put your idea's into play there, once you've built a half decent user base and are making lots of dosh with ad's and subscriptions, I'll then become your partner and we can both live in harmony and buy a yacht. :)

Sir nick

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Nicely done. and looks good ..... hopefully xenforo powered soon
But you have your parents support ($$$$) the guy doesn't ;)
Currently all they pay for is my vps ($18 a month) Thats it. I am hoping to hop over soon just gotta get some modifications done that i have installed on my site. A major thing to before convert is my style.

vBulletin - I bought with my cash
XenForo - Bought my with b-day cash.


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Send me a personal message with a summary of your ideas and what exactly you want from that co-owner.. and what his role would be. And yours.